Football is not a matter of life and death

I attended a lecture this week on research between stress and heart attacks, where this chart (from a New England Journal of Medicine paper) was displayed, showing incidences of heart attacks in the German population over the period of the 2006 Football World Cup, along with the data for previous years for comparison:

Putting the clocks forward caused 1,000 heart attacks

This article from Sweden (hat tip ├ůsa) describes some research by the Karolinska Institute analysing hospital records from which they calculate that over the two weeks from putting the clocks forward, there is typically an excess of 30 Swedes dying from heart attacks. Conversely, in the Autumn, there are 10 fewer heart attacks in the period following the clocks going back.

Scaling that up, this gives a rough back-of-the-envelope calculation for 1,000 excess fatal heart attacks across the EU27 each year as a direct result of the stresses caused by getting up an hour earlier.