Channel Tunnel

A link from a new blog I’ve started following revealed the following details about the Channel Tunnel’s construction:

  • Such was the volume of material which was drilled out of the tunnel that the UK has actually been expanded by 90 acres to accommodate the “waste”
  • On average the British workers managed to tunnel around 150 m a week whereas the French figure was lower at 110 m a week

Notes here on saving money on Eurostar tickets.

And an excerpt direct from the blog in question, Further or Alternatively, which made me smile:

…the apocryphal story of the indulgent jury or magistrate who, not wanting to ruin the life of a poor young defendant who has made a silly mistake, returns the verdict “Not guilty” – and then adds sternly “but don’t do it again”.


One Response to Channel Tunnel

  1. RI says:

    don’t do it again young man/lady! I seem to be saying it all the time these days I love it here in SF. How are you? Rekha Illuri

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