Over the moon

Here’s how the moon looks from earth:


And here’s how Jupiter would appear if it was the same distance away:




Nuclear power deaths

A recent paper from NASA seeks to analyse total global fatalities attributable to nuclear power.

They find that 1.8 million deaths have been AVOIDED over the lifetime of the nuclear power industry due to a reduction in air-pollution related diseases that would have resulted from fossil fuel burning.

A few more notes on nuclear power here.

Channel Tunnel

A link from a new blog I’ve started following revealed the following details about the Channel Tunnel’s construction:

  • Such was the volume of material which was drilled out of the tunnel that the UK has actually been expanded by 90 acres to accommodate the “waste”
  • On average the British workers managed to tunnel around 150 m a week whereas the French figure was lower at 110 m a week

Notes here on saving money on Eurostar tickets.

And an excerpt direct from the blog in question, Further or Alternatively, which made me smile:

…the apocryphal story of the indulgent jury or magistrate who, not wanting to ruin the life of a poor young defendant who has made a silly mistake, returns the verdict “Not guilty” – and then adds sternly “but don’t do it again”.