Football is not a matter of life and death

I attended a lecture this week on research between stress and heart attacks, where this chart (from a New England Journal of Medicine paper) was displayed, showing incidences of heart attacks in the German population over the period of the 2006 Football World Cup, along with the data for previous years for comparison:


Who’s your daddy?

I was a guest at the Brazilian embassy in London earlier this year, and had a DNA test done to assess the ancestry of my genes.

The results are now in:

I’m quite European it turns out. Who knew?!

More here.

The FedEx arrow

I’d never noticed it before:

Apparently it’s legendary among designers.

Show me the numbers

No really, show me the numbers. That was too fast…here’s a clip from a competition where people are adding together 15 3-digit numbers:



The world record is 1.70 seconds. Mental images of abacuses are the key.

More here.