Good things come in small packages

One way companies can try to increase profit margins is to reduce the quantity sold, whilst retaining the same price point – hopefully without the customer realising. So for example, a cereal manufacturer might reduce the quantity of product sold whilst keeping the same price, and do that by reducing the depth of the carton, not the height or width. The customer remembers the size of the packaging (as presented to them on a shelf), and the price, and doesn’t notice the difference – so the theory goes.

I bought some white truffle salt in California earlier this month, and was amused to notice (after the purchase) that the back of the container was of a smaller dimension than the front. It could just be a design flaw in that particular glass jar, or a sneaky way of reducing the quantity the customer receives…

…Update: turns out it is sneaky, all of the mini glass jars are of the same shape and have the forward facing label on the same side.


2 Responses to Good things come in small packages

  1. JM says:

    Forget it Marc, it’s Brentwood.

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