Not the news

Not that I read the BBC news website, because that would not be a good use of time, but a couple of items caught my attention today.

Lifted from an article reporting comments made by the Premier League chairman about FIFA

Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards has apologised for his comments about Fifa and Uefa.

Speaking at a conference in Qatar he said: “England gave the world football. Then, 50 years later, some guy came along and said, you’re liars, and they actually stole it. It was called Fifa.”

He also warned fans may boycott the Qatar 2022 World Cup unless beer is made freely available.

“In our country and in Germany, we have a culture,” added Richards. “We call it, ‘We would like to go for a pint’, and that pint is a pint of beer.

“You might be better off saying don’t come. But a World Cup without England, Germany, the Dutch, Danes and Scandinavians. It’s unthinkable.”

Richards later hurt his leg when he fell into a water feature.

Genius reporting. And this quote from a Welsh council’s cabinet member for education, worrying about the effects of truancy

“To do so, it is vital that children and young people are given the best education possible. To achieve this, all children need to attend school regularly, with non-attendance being unacceptable.

“Missing a school day a week is the same as losing a quarter of the year’s education.”

Hmm. Perhaps improving the maths curriculum might help in giving Welsh kids the best education possible too.


2 Responses to Not the news

  1. Sam says:

    Hmm. Perhaps improving the maths curriculum might help in giving Welsh kids the best education possible too.

    Don’t know about Wales, but here in the American Midwest it seems as though there are so many days off school for public holidays, teacher training, parent-teacher conferences and the like that 4 school days per week is pretty close to right.

    • Marc Gawley says:

      I don’t think it’s like that in Wales, but I could be wrong (just going by what school was like for me in the UK a couple of decades back it would be rare not to have a 5-day week).

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