Items of note

Some articles that came up in my blog list this week and caught my attention:

Close your eyes, grip an imaginary steering wheel, and go through the motions of a lane change. Imagine that you are driving in the left lane and you would like to move over to the right lane. Before reading on, actually try it. Almost everyone gets it wrong.

The 20 worst things humans have done to each other, in terms of global per capita deaths. Can you guess who killed the most people? Here’s a clue, 1 in 200 people are descended from him.

Is the fastest human ever already alive? Half of the people who have reached the age of 65 are alive now. The 7 billion mark.

After my previous post praising the use of Google Reader to pull interesting content rather than passively being pushed news, they decided to revamp the service just a few days later. I agree with this review by Brian Shih.

The Long Grind Before You Become An Overnight Success

E-readers get heavier with each book

A natural field experiment (link to pdf) to study whether users are more prone to Like a Facebook update if someone else has done so before. (yes, they are)

A figure from their study:


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