Weekend links

The Secret Language of Entrepreneurs

My office: My apartment

Next week is pretty open for me: I have absolutely nothing scheduled.

We have a really short lead-time: We have no other clients right now.

Importing cars into Ukraine

…people who import cars to Ukraine sometimes cut the car in two separate pieces and carry it through the customs this way. By doing this, they save a fortune on import tax. A car carried in two pieces is seen as spare parts and therefore is taxed at a much lower rate than a normal car. When in Ukraine, the car is welded back into one piece. After that, it’s usually sold locally at a good price. I looked through forums and apparently this is a common practise in developing countries, particularly in post-Soviet states such as Ukraine.



2 Responses to Weekend links

  1. Jenna says:

    After working at home that is so true lol … although sometimes I wonder if I would get more done if I rented an office … then I think about driving to work and say “screw it” : )

  2. I had to laugh at The Secret Language of Entrepreneurs – it is sooo true!! I’m pretty sure I’ve said all those things at one point or another, especially “We usually charge X, but we’ll do this for you for Y: We always do this for Y.” lol.

    As for cutting cars in half… that’s just weird. Inventive, but weird.

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