Happy holidays

Apparently don’t expect to be too happy on the first day of your holiday:

An article on holiday happiness, based in part on this study from which comes the chart above, offers these other bits of advice:

Take more short trips rather then a few long ones

… 2010 study concluded that two- to six-day vacations are the most beneficial to our well-being.

Don’t return on a Sunday

A study published in the Journal of Leisure Research shows that if we return on a Thursday or a Friday, we can insulate ourselves from the shock of job demands and prolong the holiday happiness boost



2 Responses to Happy holidays

  1. Sara Kincade says:

    I love taking short trips. Long weekends here and there can be a lot of fun. I think I would have to agree that the holiday buzz is gone within a few days of getting home.

    However, some trips that you have waited a long time for, like a trip to the Europe you just have to suffer the withdrawal when you get home 🙂

  2. Jillian Rogers says:

    that’s pretty much how i schedule my trips now. long trips are almost more exhausting than my actual work!

    never heard of the don’t return on a sunday thing before though. i guess it makes sense.

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